Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to Starting a Small Business

OK, it's time to start your own business - way to go! It's a big decision working for someone else who takes care of everything; accounting, payroll, taxes, inventory, and most likely, a huge bunch of other departments and responsibilities necessary to control their own company. But, running your own business has its benefits, as well.

Now, I must mention, please keep in mind, one can be fully fulfilled and inspired while having the job of their dreams also. It all comes down to attitude and personal motivation. If you are working in a field that you are fully inspired by, congrats and be sure to appreciate it as going your own way also has its risks. But, having said that:

The main train of thought is you are your own boss, work the hours you choose and which days to work, and, unfortunately or fortunately, you are purely responsible for the entire success. It's a wonderful way to release yourself from the rat race of 9-5, if you choose, as well as being involved in doing what you love, what you might have a passion for, but you have to begin by asking just a few things:

1. Do you love what you are doing or is it something you are good at? A dream of escaping the normal way the world works can be very inspiring to work for yourself, but you must be motivated to work every morning to do what you have chosen to do for a living.

2. What is it that you believe you would like to do? What interests, area or industry is it going to be? Do you believe there is a market for what you can provide? Have you thought whether the area can handle another entry?

3. Do you have the talent or technical skills required? Just because you feel you are able to do a skill that you consider special, it could possibly not be a strong item to convince customers or investors that it is a valuable purchase or a strong financial investment.

4. What, where and who are the competitors in this area and what separates you from the rest? Why should investors or potential prospect customers choose you? What differentiates you from what everyone else does?

OK, When you're finally satisfied that your answers to these questions are solid, it's decision time, of what business structure works best for you. Is it a sole proprietor, responsible for every area and the entire authority to run the business? Will you have a partner, share the cost, workload and responsibility but also the ideas, profits and every business decision from the get go? Or maybe your decision is to incorporate, including all the financial safety's and securities but way more involved, complex and a costly structure?

This is when you must seek legal advice! Seriously, it is strongly recommended, mainly because it is for you to completely understand all the advantages, disadvantages and to be sue the setup is proper and that you are fully aware of your chosen structuring plan. Most attorneys will offer a complimentary or a discounted-rate initial consultation. Once the decision and plan is decided, a formal name for your new company should be chosen. Make sure it is easy to remember - be sure to not use initials or single letters (A & B & C Limited could be challenging to remember for clients or associates). Also, make it say something about what the business does or what it offers ("Joe's Shoe Specialists" is much easier to spell and remember).

Now comes the real sweat equity work, a business plan. This is the real beginning of your baby, it is the most important part in creating all these topics and proposals in a modernized and easy to follow format; fancy designs do not help your future baby succeed. A strong business plan acts as a formal statement for the financing needs and plans, goals, overall structure and all the initial legal considerations. Think of this as a corporate "resume" to potential lenders or investors and is the main documentation that will be used to calculate if your business could be a worthwhile investment. It also offers the proprietor(s) a opportunity to evaluate and see the operational details of your new company on paper.

A basic business plan should contain a balance sheet, income statement (also known as a Profit & Loss) and a statement of cash flow. Adding in a proposed financial budget for the first year, or as long a period as necessary if a year is impractical is a highly recommended course of action also. There are many formats and structures for business plans and many templates are available online or through formal providers who can assist or guide you along the way.

If you follow these quick tips, and the outcome looks promising you might be able to plan for success. Just remember, as much as this dance of being your own boss and owning your own company sounds exciting and positive, always remember, it will take work and dedication. Not only will you need a strong commitment but it will also serve you well to have a support community around you. Your family and friends can be a huge part of your success. So be sure to evaluate who you have around you and how to involve them and motivate them to join your team and become cheerleaders.

Also, as mentioned earlier, be sure to not discount employment for a solid company that offers future potential and is in the area or industry that fulfills you and connects with your beliefs and passion.

Satisfaction starts with an attitude and a responsibility of commitment to being your best you can be, what ever situation you find yourself in.

I want to wish you good luck in your potential and new professional endeavour, for yourself or as a new redefined employee!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tips to Choosing Cheap Glasses Frames Online

Glasses come in all kinds of sizes, styles, and colors. We often decision-overload when starting over selecting a new partner for a huge selection available! On top of personal style, size, and color preferences and fashion, there are also several types of materials that we can choose from. While fashion and of course good personal size requirements dictate most of our decision making process, lens styles and materials is often determined by the needs of the very recipe. Taking advantage of this guide to help when deciding what kind of glasses frames you really need want..and!

In everyday life, we only want to buy cheap products with high quality, or they should at least appreciate the price. And the advent of $ 18 eyeglass frames have been extremely satisfied our demands. They are good eyeglass frames sold only for twenty dollars ,. a fraction of the other glass frame. They frame is really cheap, with very low prices from our expectations.

Most of us do not believe our eyes when we first saw them. Therefore, it is possible that more and more of us want to buy $ 18 eyeglass frames online. However, here is the question-a you are ready to buy their frames online? Some of you may be confused by this question. In fact, there are many points to consider if you want to buy online, especially if you are new hand for the purchase of $ 18 eyeglass frames online.

Such as you buy glasses frames online canada ,  the point is you have to know how to identify the legality of a particular online vendor. It can not be denied that buying products online is very easy and convenient. But some statistics have revealed that thousands of people are deceived by illegal vendors each year. In this regard, it is important to know whether the vendor is legal or not. If you fail, you will run a very high risk that defrauded. In fact, it's not hard work to identify the vendor through different channels. But one of the safest way is to buy from a vendor who passed by several well-known companies and famous. And most of them well-known eyeglass frames in the world of manufacturing will sell their products online.

Another important thing is you have to know your Pupil Distance (PD) after selecting your frames. PD is very important. You might ask some professional optics for measuring or you can measure yourself with a mirror and a ruler. Once you get the data, you must send it to the vendor. This data plays an important role in the design of your glasses frame $ 18.

After ordering a product, you should know some details about their delivery. Generally, you will pay for postage. But if you buy more, or the total amount is large enough, the vendor will not require you to pay shipping costs. Therefore, it is not a good idea to buy a pair but several pairs at a time. Thus, you at least will cut costs at every single pair.

What should you do if you find a problem in the frame after receiving the shipment? In general, if the problem is small, you may go to a nearby shop and asked the glass optics to adjust them for you. Therefore, it is better to buy them from people who have a well-known brands real optical stores. If the problem is too serious, you may ask for return or refund. Keep in mind, that information must be communicated to the vendor immediately, for a return policy and return-policy-they are effective in a certain period.

Of course, there are many other things to be considered. If you want to buy a $ 18 dollar eyeglass frames from online vendors, you have to look for more detailed information about them. Additionally, you may ask for some advice from friends who have purchased online in advance. With this information, you will surely get your beloved $ 18 eyeglass frames.

Secure online shopping. Knowing how to glasses frames online is important, check payments are safe and telephone number to contact the company if you have any questions about your order. Any good company will be happy to help if you have any questions about buying glasses from their website.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Preparing your business for sale

For you to sell your business seamlessly, it's important that you prepare the business for sale. To guide you, here are some of the things that you need to do in order to prepare your business:

Exit the Business

You need to ensure that the business can run even in your absence. The best way of ensuring this is setting systems that ensure that your business is able to run on autopilot. This calls for you to clearly document the roles of each employee. You should also document what every employee needs to achieve within a given time.

When pitching your business to potential buyers you should clearly show that the business has the ability of running in your absence. Remember that no buyer is willing to buy a business that requires full time attention. Also, no buyer will buy a business that will stop working once you leave.

Document Relationships

Do you have any unwritten agreements with your suppliers and clients? You should put them in writing. In addition to making your business appear stronger, writing down the agreements makes them binding and can't be broken. If there are any contracts that you had signed before you should check them and ensure that they are up to date. You should also renegotiate any contracts that you deem necessary.

Do a makeover

Just like when selling anything, you need to create a good first impression of your business. The good thing is that there are many ways in which you can give your business a great impression. Some of these ways include:

Inventory: you should sell all the obsolete or slow moving stock items. In addition to improving the sale figures, selling the obsolete items will also aid in eliminating any disputes about the value of the inventory during the sale.

Business premises: you should look at the business in the eyes of the potential buyer. For a great impression, you should clean it up, maintain and paint the necessary areas. As rule of thumb you should ensure that your premises comply with all the regulatory requirements.

Employees: are there any employees who haven't taken their leave? You should ask them to do it. This is to prevent the buyer from reducing the buying price.

Leases: it's common for businesses to lease their premises. You should review the leases and ensure that they are up to date. You should also renegotiate the ones that need to be renegotiated.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rebranding Tips

Rebranding is a serious decision and should not be taken in a hassle. Although, it can help you in finding some new clients for your business, the effects can be adverse if you have not planned carefully. This is the reason why dedicated rebranding companies have emerged out in the market and gaining soaring popularity among the business owners.

What should be changed - your logo, your website, your name, your services or all of them at once? What has been the reason behind the drop in our sales or the uninterested people? Did you commit a blunder that led the possible customers away from your business? Has a negative publicity affected your brand? All such questions are thoroughly analyzed by the rebranding companies before taking any actual decision.

You may benefit by merely changing the name of your brand or changing the overall design of your logo. So many software companies make use of such tactics. It helps them in quickly adjusting the basic skin of the product. There are several cases where a particular name will suffice well for a business in beginning, but limits the expansion of the same in the future. For example, a brand name 'Darcy's Cricket Supplies' may go well with the business initially. However, if the person decides to expand his business further by selling other sport supplies as well, it will simply look bad. Therefore, the ideal brand name in the beginning should have been 'Darcy's Sports Supplies'. While, a person might not be able to think so much about the details, rebranding companies work dedicatedly towards such brand building strategies.

The prime goal of creating a fresh face of your business is to reach out to the new masses of people who hold the potential to become a customer if targeted in an appropriate manner. The rebranding companies do a thorough research on the market trends and follow the competitors to devise strategies that can help in creating a powerful image of your business. This is not a simple task and if you think you can achieve all of it single-handedly then, you may be wrong.

It is essential that all your current elite clients and people associated with your business are made aware of the changes and improvements that you are planning to make. While it is necessary to make new clients, it is more important to retain the present ones. The professional rebranding companies make sure that the new image of your business is suitable for all and hits at the right mark, generating more clients while strengthening the bond with the existing ones.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Tips for Building Your Brand

People that are brand loyal spend more time (and money with you), hire you more than once, and will tell their friends and family about you. Creating brand loyalty is an inexpensive and easy way to market your business. Think about it... it's a lot easier to keep happy clients then it is to go out and get new clients. Creating brand loyalty is a great way to add to your overall bottom line.

The truth is, however, that not as many people today are as loyal to their favorite brands as they once were. According to a survey done by Earnest And Young, just a few years ago consumers were shown to be 40% loyal to their brand. In recent years that number has dropped to 25%. It's getting more challenging to keep customers. This means as a business owner you must step up your game. My suggestion... find something your customers will come to expect from you that no one else in your line of business is doing.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a local nail salon with a couple of friends. This salon is in my neighborhood but I only get to go to this particular location a few times a year. However, they recognize me every single time I come into their establishment. Their one thing is that as you have your nails done they offer you a glass of wine to enjoy. When I came in this past weekend and they offered the three of us a glass of wine I was surprised that they remembered what kind of wine I like to drink. This is the kind of customer service that makes you feel special. Why? Because it let's the consumer know that they are valued as a customer. I'm sure you've experienced something similar with a business you frequent often.

So the thought I want to leave you with today is... What is the ONE THING that sets you apart from the similar business down the road? What will your customers be talking about after they leave? This does not have to be anything elaborate or expensive (although it certainly can be.) What it does need to be is personal and memorable.

One of the things I love to do in my business is put on my creative hat and help my clients come up with ideas. So below is a brief list of ideas ONE THING that you might be able to take and make your own. Consider it my gift to you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Best Tips For Differentiating Your Business

Some of the most successful businesses in the world have gotten there because of their unique selling proposition. FedEx got there by guaranteeing that packages would arrive overnight. Domino's Pizza promised pizza in 30 minutes, or less. Burger King said, "Have it your way."

Businesses need to stand out from the crowd. A USP can do that for them. The USP concept has been around for many years, but it continues to prove itself as a key for all successful business models. The USP can entice prospects to come to you rather than your competitors. It will also help you compete on realistic grounds other than price alone, which helps the bottom line.

I'll use an example of a dentist that I'm familiar with. He wanted to make his service different and not associated with a service about pain. What did he do? He set up a country club atmosphere and recreated the dental experience in a totally different mold.

He had a $5,000 coffee machine and served 18 different teas on fine bone china on a silver tray. Plus, he masked the medicinal smell with oven baked sugarless muffins. When you walk in, you are greeted by your own personal nurse and taken to your treatment room, which has your name and photo on the door. You can watch a wide variety of DVDs on an overhead TV with headphones. If you experience any pain, just press your personal buzzer.

Defining Your USP

Here's a way to think about your USP-it's your special ingredient to keep you from becoming a "me too" company. It grabs attention and makes you truly unique. It's hard to copy and offers a clear-cut benefit for your customer.

Some USPs just jump out and hit you right between the eyes. The flu fighter, Airborne, for example, tells you that the package was invented by a second-grade schoolteacher, which it was. Who else can make that kind of claim and send that kind of feel-good message that makes it different from any competitors?

Most USPs are a little harder to come up with. For example, if you're a locksmith, a corporate training company or a mattress store, how will you set yourself apart? Well, here are 7 tips to help you answer that question.

1. Scrutinize the competition. Are they better than you? Why? Do they suffer in any areas? Are they lacking something that you offer? How about their market area? How does it compare? Any holes in their geographic areas that might help you define your niche area better?

2. What makes you better? Are you the only jewelry store with a designer? Or the only florist that has a writer for personalized messages? Or, maybe a management consultant with experience working with Fortune 100 clients. With these types of claims, your task of developing a unique USP will become much easier.

3. If you're no better, get better. That's exactly what our dentist friend did. And as things progress, don't be afraid to change your USP. Some of our website design friends started by offering SEO services as well. Today, they are experts in content management and as such, their USP has also changed.

4. What are your consumer's pain points? If worse come to worse, make a list of all of your customer's frustrations and develop a USP to solve them. Let's say you're a carpet cleaner. To address stains between visits, you might offer an emergency service. Or possibly a special do-it-yourself fabric care kit to solve the temporary problem. And, of course, you'll build your USP around that service.

5. Guarantee it. Again, it's all about solving the customer's frustrations. A plumber that we know once drafted a guarantee that promised he would show up within 15 minutes, or the first hour of work was free, and he would leave the house cleaner than he found it. Plus, he would show up in uniforms, with belts. The point was to overcome the perception that plumbers were habitually late, messy and presented rear views that no one wanted to see.

6. Be specific. Baskin-Robbins offered 31 flavors and even had the number 31 in the logo. Wonder Bread helped build bodies 12 ways. Maybe your company is on-call 24 hours a day, or you offer 163 different parts, or your gym has 87 machines. Tell everyone what you got.

7. Don't claim it if you can't do it. Our plumbing friend equipped his employees with booties, handheld vacuums and belted uniforms just to make good on his guarantee. Just be sure you can deliver what you promise.

When you have your USP all figured out, then condense it to as few words as possible, develop an awesome tagline and spread the word in every touchpoint you have-from letterhead, marketing materials, signs, website, sales calls, you name it.

Consider this: What makes you choose one builder, plumber, jeweler or department store over others? More than likely, it's how they have defined their USP and how they have presented it in the marketplace. So pay attention! If you do, you'll be seen and heard and the results will show up on your bottom line.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Best Marketing Tips for General Retailers

General retailers think that they can get away with word of mouth advertising and their location. While in marketing school, you are taught location, location, location. This is key but there is more to getting clientele than just location. You could have the best location but if no knows about you and where you are, you'll have no customers. In this day and age you need to be more proactive with your marketing activities if you want to increase your retail sales.

Here are some marketing and advertising tips for general retailers to reach a large target market.

Build a quality website. Having a quality website which is user friendly and functional is a big plus when it comes to marketing your retail store. Include as much information about your store on the website and showcase your products. Remember to include the prices so that your customers know what to expect. Especially promote your special offers and promotions on the home page of your website so that it's the first thing customers see when they visit your website.

Advertise in local newspapers. If you are going to choose which media to advertise in, the local newspaper is the better option. These newspapers are usually delivered free of charge to home owners and have a larger reach than the national newspapers. They are also more affordable so you can advertise in them on a weekly basis to ensure you get noticed by customers more often.

Offer special in-store promotions. Offering promotions and discounts will draw customers to your retail store. Decide on what kind of promotions you will run such as a buy one get one free promotion on certain soaps or chocolates. Or you could offer a 20% discount on the baby care range. Make sure that you remain above your cost of sale as you should always make a profit on any sale.

Run a competition. Get customers into your store by running a competition and offering them exciting prizes such as grocery hampers or beauty hampers. You can state that they will be entered into the competition by writing the contact details on your store's till slip and putting it into a competition box. For a competition like this to be effective, it is ideal to offer monthly prizes.

Send out a monthly email newsletter. To instantly notify your potential customers of in-store promotions or monthly competitions, send out an email newsletter. Ask customers who enter your store to subscribe to your email list so that you can inform them of the latest special offers and competitions. Find out from your retail products wholesaler if they have specials that you could offer in the mailing.

You could choose which of these marketing tips you would like to pair together or you could use all of them in order to get more customers to visit your store. Keep in mind that marketing is an ongoing venture and that performing it only once won't guarantee you constant customers. Go out there and plan your marketing strategy for the year.
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